#TRENDS The bowling shirt

  • Supreme Playboy pink bowling shirt

It is an iconic piece from the 50´s. It started first as a sport garment, and after, was taken as an style item. You could notice it everywhere, as soda shops, dance hops and football games. The rockabilly wave has been the most popular tribe using it.

Short sleeved, button up front, lay flat collar and sometimes with a chest pocket. The fit, is box cut. The material, usually is cotton or cotton/poly blend, giving a strong structure to the piece, avoiding wrinkles, and keeping it straight and clean. Now a days, many brands has used this exactly cut but changing the patterns. You can notice it in big fish companies as Zara, Gucci, or streetwear brands as Supreme or Stussy.

The original ones are two color block, with the player name on the chest or sleeve, and the logo plus the team name on the back.

The big ambassador of this garment, is the actor Charlie Sheen, who is been wearing it in countless occasions in the “Two man and a half” tv serie.

Written by Adrián Lorca