#COLLECTIONS Repurposed Garments by Lucy Orta

  • repurposed orta margiela garments

In 1995 Lucy Orta (Studio-Orta) created a collaborative workshop within “Cité de Refuge”, a place created by the Salvation Army to shelter the homeless. In collaboration with fashion students, she created a collection based on surplus clothing found in the warehouses of the facilities. It was presented at the thrift store of the “Refuge” where staff and residents were invited.

The collection consisted in reporpused garments as trousers made of leather gloves, a dress made of ties, a skirt made of belts, a top made of zippers and even a skirt from an umbrella.

Nowadays a lot of brands are reporpusing clothes as is the case of the iconic Margiela belt jacket that was re-edited with H&M or the zipper top. This woman really deserves recognition for this innovative collection.

We recommend you to follow Lucy and Jorge Orta´s studio Instagram account. It is so inspiring. @lucyjorgeorta

We let you a video about this awesome collection

Written by Adrián Lorca