#DESIGNERBIO Revolution & Miguel Adrover

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Self-taught and atypical, Miguel Adrover is a Majorcan fashion designer (1965). Considered one of the most prominent figures of fashion history along with Martin Margiela and Alexander McQueen, he broke down every stereotype in the early 2000s.

He quit studying at age of 11 and his first contact with fashion was a trip to London when he was a teenager, through the subcultures of punks and the New Romantics. At the beginning of the 90s, he traveled to New York where he worked as a janitor, window cleaner and scrubber in Queens, while creating all his clothes, concepts and ideas in a local basement. In just a few years he managed to become one of the most outstanding fashion designers of the avant-garde scene in New York City.

His collections were inspired by people and their cultures, specially fascinated by the uncomfortable and the politically incorrect. Along with Marc Jacobs, he was amongst the first designers introducing second-hand items in runways, using a Burberry trench coat as a dress or a UPS delivery uniform as daily clothing.

In Vaquera’s fall 18 his face appears alongside Margiela’s, Andre Walker’s and Vivienne Westwood’s, printed on polos at the catwalk. This makes us wonder “What happened to this great artist who marked a ‘before and after’ in fashion history?”

He is currently retired from fashion, runs a bar in his hometown and devotes his time to photography and the creation of plastic works.

Written by Sara Calviño