LePetit Archive is born on Instagram in January 2019, in view of the need to offer fashion content to the public through this social network, using all its information potential, and not only as a showcase or exhibition tool.

This platform began showcasing in its posts the history behind the most iconic garments in the world of fashion, gathering different topics such as graphic design, music or art.  Thanks to Instagram stories, a high level of conversation was generated, what made us start listening to all kind of petitions, which let our audience feed themselves and continue to increase their level of knowledge. In this Instagram stories we talk about movies, documentaries, podcasts and Instagram accounts that are really interesting, all with a common point: fashion.

The great success that this project has had this far is mostly due to the level of participation of our followers and the active community that has been originated since the beginning, making constant questions to the public and collaborative posts with other accounts with the same concerns.  

Lepetit Archive is a University and a Family.