#GARMENTS The Rick Owens Ramones

  • Rick Owens Ramones Low tops

It is a shoe inspired by the famous Converse Chuck Taylor but with the whole personality of the designer Rick Owens. He has exaggerated all his shape, giving it a large and bulbed toe and a great sole. It looks similar to an army boot, because of its robust and durable materials.

There is two versions, the low tops and the high, whose tongue is slightly larger than normal, and has lateral zipper that facilitates its adjustment, as well as many technical boots.

This model is reedited every year, in different materials and versions. We can find them without laces or more elongated giving the look of a glove, or with special ties creating geometric shapes. Also many different finishes, such as nylon, leather, metallic finish, etc…

Rick Owens has two clothing lines that differ in quality, the Rick Owens line and the DRKSHDW. The last one is more affordable.

Written by Adrián Lorca