#STYLINGONFILMS Tyler Durden in Fight Club

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We are in front of one of the best stylings for a character. The goal of a good costume design is to represent the character´s soul in the best way.

Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden in the “Fight Club”, a soap seller that doesn’t care about life and wants to destroy everything. So, what a better way to represent it than rock-and-rolla 70´s rave look to express that “I dont give a fuck” vibe.

Tyler combines different styles with small touches of good taste, making look them messy but magnetic. Red leather jackets, fur coats, tank tops and tight T-shirts that seem taken from the Gaultier universe. All this combined with baggy suit pants and crocodile leather loafers or boots.

I have no doubt that many designers have taken reference from this character that breaks all the “fashion rules”, but thanks to his experimentation achieves wonderful combinations. In a way, he reminds me to the thrift style of Shia LaBeouf and the mix that only he can get.

Written by Adrián Lorca