#YOUTUBE Fashion Channels PART 1

Jacob Wallace + Avery Ginsberg + Owen Hyatt

All these three create content in a youtuber concept way, recording themselves showing pieces that they have bought, making outfits and showing how they look while wearing them, vloging (video blogs) or telling where to get good deals. They also show handmade creations or recommend music and films.

The difference between them is about style. While each one of them has a pretty cool sense of it they express themselves in a different way. Jacob is more about hyped items but not really mainstream, Owen has a more industrial-esque-Raf Simons look and Avery is all about bohemian New-York-kid looks.

Definitely watching their videos will help you learn a lot about styling, brands, cheaper alternatives and a lot of more interesting stuff.

Written by Adrián Lorca


Avery Ginsberg

Owen Hyatt