#BRANDS Issey Sport by Tsumori Chisato

  • issey sport tsumori chisato miyake grey hoodie

Issey Sport was a very successful attempt to streamline Issey Miyake to a younger, more hip audience. A similar move was done over two decades before when Kensuke Ishizu, father of japanese prep, changed Van to Van Jacket transitioning from off-the-rack suiting to more ready-to-wear garments suitable for Japan’s large youth population.

Born Japanese, Tsumori Chisato studied fashion at the very prestigious Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo. Alongside other young designers she joined Issey Miyake Design Company in 1977 as a Head Designer for Issey Sport. She later rebranded it into “I.S. Chisato Tsumori Design”.

You can mainly see the famous I.S. logo on the pieces, sometimes separated by a note saying “For your information, please read carelabels and hanging tags carefully, for washing and handling instructions” or sometimes having a “Chisato Tsumori Desgin” written under the logo.

Pictures from @huibenshop

Written by @fuckyouastro