#GARMENTS The story about loafers

  • gucci loafers horsebit

This shoe has its origins in 1926 when it was created as a countryhouse shoe by the Wildsmith family. Subsequently, different models have been developed: Aurland, Penny, Kilted, Gucci, Belgian, Tasseled and all with the same purpose, a slip-on type of shoe with no laces.

In particular, penny loafers were the shoe model used by american university students during the 50´s, who kept the pennies in the tongue slot (see the detail of the hidden coin inside the Palace shoes picture).

In 1950 Italian designer Aldo Gucci refined the lines of this shoe and added a golden horsebit, creating a new figure. As it was created by him, it was named as the Gucci loafer.

Currently, streetwear brands such as Palace Skateboards, have produced this type of shoe and brought it closer to a younger audience, different than the typical loafer public in nowadays fashion. Other brands like Gucci, have given it new shapes, making them as sandals or including fur linings.

Written by Adrián Lorca