#BRANDS The Ksubi Kustom denim workshop

  • ksubi denim jacket Paully Bonomelli

This brand was founded in 1999 by Gareth Moody, Dan Single and George Gorrow, three friends who wanted to create jeans at their own likeness due to not finding anything in the market that identified them.

In 2011 the Ksubi Kustom line was born. The company created a workshop in its Sydney flagship store where customers could choose to customize the items that they had bought, so each one of these creations is unique and exclusive.

The creators behind these designs are Pauly Bonomelli and Emma Mulholland. The techniques they use vary from decolouring garments by a bleach process to the application of silk-screen printing, unstitching or adding extra patterns to garments.

In 2016 Paully Bonomelli starts to collaborate with the music and creative collective A$AP Mob, creating customized pieces for them. This artist comes from the graffiti world and studied advanced textile and fashion design which gives him a great creative capacity when it comes to treating garments with different processes, achieving a completely destroyed and genuine look.

Written by Adrián Lorca