#ICONIC Bode & the Purdue University Corduroy pants

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Bode ´s latest relase has included in its collecion a yellow corduroy total look with handpainted graphics on it that are insanely beautiful.

But, Where does the inspo come from?.

It goes back to 1904, where seniors from Purdue University (Indiana) felt in love with a pair of yellow corduroy pants from a store. So they decided to make a good quantity of them. It quickly became really popular among the youth, and people started to decorate them with motifs from their schools and personal life which represented them.

A tradition that lasted almost 60 years until it became “old fashion”.

*EXTRA INFO. The name “Corduroy Pants” or “Whistlers” comes from the sound they make while wearing them that could feel similar to the sound of a whistle or cord´s friction.

Written by Adrián Lorca