#GARMENTS The Coogi sweater history

  • the history of the coogi sweater

This iconic piece was created by the Australian brand Coogi in 1969 (Toorak). The characteristic features of this sweater are its color palette, its heavy weight materials and the type of sewing, that gives the sweater a unique volume and 3D effect.

Thanks to European and American tourism, this piece managed to spread to other continents as many travellers selected Coogi sweaters as a good piece to have a memory of the Australian identity.

Everybody thinks its rise to fame was because of Bill Cosby, who dressed colorful jumpers in his TV program “The Cosby show” and some of them looked pretty alike. However, the truth is that Cosby’s sweaters were designed by Koos Van der Akker, a dutch designer.

The real ambassador was the famous rap icon from the 90s, Biggie Smalls, who dressed them and named in its lyrics.

Imagine how big is the fame of this garment, that still these days it has a powerful impact in fashion, as brands like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Kapital have made its own versions of it.

Written by Adrián Lorca