#BRANDS Kapital

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Kapital is a Japanese clothing brand founded in 1980 by Toshikiyo Hirata, who discovered his passion for American denim on a trip to the United States as a Karate teacher.

His son Kiro Hirata followed the same steps as his father, taking art studies in North America to return later to Japan and join forces with Toshikiyo, having previously been a designer at the Japanese label 45R, created by 45RPM Studio.

The creations of Kapital have a genuine essence, mixing an infinite variety of styles. It started as a brand specialized in denim, and then began to play with different elements while designing.

Among its creations we find pieces with special lengths, asymmetric cuts, impossible buttoning, patches, unstitched zones and multi pockets in the most unsuspeceted areas. It also includes the use of grunge imagery, indigo prints, tie-dye, as well as destruction and reconstruction of new pieces.

Written by Adrián Lorca