#TRENDS Skate Bulky Shoes

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This last year we have seen a return of the designs inspired by the skate shoes from the 00s. Specially we can talk about the Osiris D3, an evolution of the skate shoe from the 90s that ended up becoming a hybrid of aesthetics from other fields, such as hiking due to its grips or running due to its air chambers.

This model was born in 2001, and there is a certain conflict over who was its creator. Whether the skater Dave Mayhew or the skater but also creative and product designer Brian Reid. Everything indicates that it was the last one. Although the process was followed by both of them, the true brain behind the design was Brian. Other example of brands that followed this aesthetic in those days are DVS or Globe.

Among the brands that are currently inspired by this model, we have the collaboration of A$AP Rocky with Under Armour, Converse x Le fleur Gianno, or the skate brand Dime with DC shoes. High couture houses like Louis Vuitton or Gucci have also remade this silhouette.

Written by Adrián Lorca