#GARMENTS Combat boots by Hedi Slimane

  • dior aw 07 navigate boots hedi slimane

French designer Hedi Slimane, during his last show for Dior for the season AW07, dressed all his models with military combat boots. This model is known as the “Dior Navigate”, and the magic about it is that this boots have a much more refined silhouette as well as a polished leather finishing that gives it a shiny and genuine elegance.

Today, this boot remains as an icon and many followers of both the brand and the designer keep looking for it in the second-hand market as an essential basic for their closets.

At the end of his work in Saint Laurent (2012-16), he brought back the combat boots to the game, with the model “Army 20” among others. It maintains the glam aesthetic, thanks to the polished leather but showing a different shape with a sharper toe and a booty format.

The well-known German shoe brand Dr.Martens, has two very similar models. The “Pascal Boanil Brush”, which is more similar to Saint Laurent’s one and the “1460 Mono Black”, that maintains a more classic shape sharing a similar aesthetic with the Dior boots but with a matte finishing.

Written by Adrián Lorca