#TRENDS The holster bag

  • holster bag by off white

It is an accessory from “Old West” era (1870 North America). Its purpose was to carry the gun while not attracting unwanted attention. You can find different types, as the shoulder and the chest holsters. The belt model was the only one that allowed seeing what you carried.

In the 20´s gangster era, also had a great role. On a generic level, state forces, or armies, with more technical and adapted models, have always used it. It also has had a presence in different movements, as punk, gothic or bondage. In this last, has been adapted and modified as a bag or a sexual accessory.

Within fashion, designers like Raf Simons, Helmut Lang or Maison Margiela, have adapted this article to their collections from the 2000s era. A new wave is currently have been using it, represented by brands such as Alyx, A Cold Wall, Nasir Mazhar, Off White or the recent Virgil Abloh´s Louis Vuitton collection.

Written by Adrián Lorca