#STYLEICONS 10 Denim Icons by @samutaro

1. Shia LaBeouf

When it comes to DGAF thrift style no one has as carefully cultivated rugged look as Shia. This unconventional styling approach has won him popularity across the Internet. There’s even a dedicated Insta account @shiasoutfits which documents a comprehensive body of his ‘fits

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2. Cast from kids

Larry Clark’s iconic movie has always been a favourite of mine.The real portrayal of the raw, gritty culture of NYC’s youth is complimented by its bare-bones wardrobe – intentionally unpolished, it helped lend the film its documentary-style candidness, creating a world of baggy-jeaned skaters and effortlessly cool girls. The cast including real skaters Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter mostly styled themselves; with labels like Supreme, Independent, Menace and Zoo York making appearances.

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3. The Ramones

Always a personal favourite of mine, the Ramones have always been a go-to reference for denim style. Their signature uniform of beat biker jackets, cropped tees, skinny (Levi’s 505) jeans and pro keds is timeless.

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4. Prep School Gangsters

more NYC styling via the seminal 1996 New York Magazine article Prep-School Gangsters by the legendary Nancy Jo Sales. This look was defined by a group New York City rich kids who fetishized hip-hop, wore North Face Nupste jackets, did graffiti, committed petty crimes, and sold weed to their private school classmates. The coordinated pairing of jackets and hats with denim reads straight NYC 90s streetstyle thats still as relevant today as it was back then.

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5. Pharrell

When it comes to hip-hop style, few individuals have had the same impact on the way people dress as Pharrell Williams. From the early-2000s until today, Pharrell has had a tangible effect not only on the clothes that we wear, but on how we wear them. What makes Pharrell so unique is the fact that he has impacted not only streetwear —something not uncommon for producers and rappers— but also fashion, and, one could argue, design in general. My favourite era for style is 1998-2001 when he was blending rock and skate cultures

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6. Kurt Cobain

Always a regular on my feed, Cobain’s style is unmatchable and something that has never wavered since the 90s. From his unconventional looks in pyjamas to wearing dresses on magazine cover or supporting emerging bands by wearing their tees, his radical style challenged conventions which makes it timeless until today.

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7. Chie Keef

Nothing says gangster more than Sossa in True Religions .

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8. Jonathan Davies

Guilty pleasure this one, but I’m a secret nu-metal kid at heart so I’ve always been a fan of Korn’s Adidas fits. Probably why I wear needles so much today lol

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9. Michael Jordan

MJ’s been getting some serious airtime on my feed lately, most notably for his denim fits which range from good to really bad. But when you’re the goat no one can test you.

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10. Youth of today

One style genre that I’ve really enjoyed exploring is that of early hardcore crew Youth of Today, who started dressing like jocks as a middle finger to punk fashion. With nylon running pants from the Salvation Army, and Air Jordans from Marshalls, Youth of Today vocalist Ray Cappo fueled an athletic look built for functionality, not form. By implementing varsity jackets, high-top Nikes, bleached blonde crew cuts, and clean living, this new form of bastardized punk became perhaps its purest expression yet.

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Written by Samuel Trotman