#GARMENTS The GATs by Margiela

  • margiela replica splattered paint shoes

It is a replica from the model designed for the German army in 1970, also known as GAT (German Army Trainer). The designers were the brothers Adi & Rudolf Dassler, who later separated parts creating the companies that we know today as Adidas and Puma.

This model has always been a basic shoe that you could find in any retailer within Germany, and it has been produced by many different brands. It is in 2002 when it makes a leap to haute couture, when the company Maison Margiela takes over this design. They put a high quality leather finish and implement the numerical symbolism that characterizes the house on the tongue, naming it as “Replica” which perfectly defines the concept of the shoe.

This model has become a classic of the Belgian brand, with re-editions year after year and constant changes in its designs and colors. We can find it in many formats; without laces, sandal type, in loot, with velcros, with Japanese tabi sole, etc …

Written by Adrián Lorca