#TRENDS The Babushka

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The word babushka, has its origin in russian and means grandmother. It also makes reference to the manner in which ladies in Russia, use this type of scarf, covering the head and knotting it under the chin. This word was taken to name the famous “Lady Babushka”, who was suspect of recording the Kennedy assassination while wearing this garment.

One of the first references that we can find in celebrities using scarfs in this way, is Audrey Hepburn, who has been dressed in silk or in bandana finishes. We also find others, such as in the fugitive´s film Thelma and Louis or even the queen of England wearing it.

Actually, brands like Gucci have been protagonists for bringing it back on stage, and artists like Asap Rocky, have broken boundaries in the use of this accessory in men’s fashion. A brand that has caught my attention, is @discoinferno.us which has designed a wide variety with bandana patterns.

Written by Adrián Lorca