#TRENDS The flames print vibe

  • Prada flames shirt

This trend has been born in the Kustom World (customized of vehicles), where you could find this type of prints. We have the case of Harley Davidson, the legendary motorcycles brand  which has taken it to its logos and merchandising products.

One of the characters that has made this type of garment famous, is the american television chef Guy Fieri, whose photo wearing it with an Arnette type of sunglasses and dyed hair has been a viral meme.

All this wave has been appropriated by different movements, such as rock or skate. Now again, brands have resorted to flames for their designs, as is the case of Prada, Supreme or Vetements. Other companies have always used it, such as Thrasher or the legendary Vans.

There are two instagram accounts obsessed with all this imaginary that we recommend taking a look @dmfakefire and @flavortownfashionweek

Written by Adrián Lorca