#GARMENTS Raf Simons AW01 “Riot Riot Riot”

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This is Raf’s first collection after he took a yearly break from designing to concentrate on teaching in a design school in Vienna and being art consultant.

This collection ditches slim and gangly shapes which were seen in his earlier works and focuses on hyper-stylized collection of urban radicals with every piece of clothing being oversized.

This collection as Raf Simons said himself was inspired by Ukrainian and Romanian youngsters who we would often see around Vienna’s flea market. “They would simply lay layer by layer and thus create their own volumes because of the cold” he told the Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

This show wasn’t only about shape. It was also about obsession, intensity and authenticity. Flyers for Sonic Youth and Joy Division concerts, Christiane F. movie posters, photographs, and scraps of sayings can be seen on the majority of the garments tacked onto with a haphazard manner just like a fan would do to a shirt before heading to a concert.

Written by @fuckyouastro