#GARMENTS The Rick Owens Dunks & Nike´s scandal

  • rick owens dunk nike scandal

Introduced in FW 06 “Dustulator” collection Rick Owens designed a Frankenstein high-top sneaker with a logo that combined elements from several iconic sneaker brands.

The most obvious rip off was a swoosh-like check on the side that was similar to the one on Nike’s Dunk model. The Portland sport company then sent a cease and desist letter to Rick in 2008 urging for a redesign of the shoe. Nowadays, this redesign is just known as “Geobaskets“.

There are different variations of the iconic Rick Dunks like, for example, the Rick Owens “crust” Dunks from 2009 that instead of a homage to Nike is a reference to adidas.

Also, american jewellery company Chrome Hearts worked with Rick Owens on a collaborative pair which was adorned with various silver CH embellishments.

Rick Owens presented at the start of 2019 some new versions of the Geobasket, that feature a transparent rubber sole and a distressed look.

Personally, I love the beaten look on these shoes. WDYT?

Written by @victorespadas .