#TRENDS The dragon shirt trend

  • Balenciaga SS 18 dragon shirt

It is a piece that had a great fame in the 90’s. It has a thug and old fashion vibe. Im sure throughout your life, you have seen this garment dressed by old people in beach markets or in american movies.

Balenciaga in its SS 18, commanded by Denma Givasalia. Launched a shirt inspired by this aesthetic, with an oversized fit and a cotton finish, with quilted insides that gives a touch of comfort to the piece.

This type of shirt is insipired by the asian symbolism about the dragon, but taken from the tattoo mafia game. That’s why we can find many similarities with pieces on people´s skin or noticing tribal designs included.

Web pages like ebay, amazon, etsy or second-hand stores and street markets, are selling this type of risky shirts, that are hard to style but wont let anyone indifferent.

Written by Adrián Lorca