#STYLEICONS Vincent Gallo

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We are in front of one of the most underground and multifaceted characters in cinema. Vincent Gallo is mainly a producer, lead character of his autobiographical films and creator of his own soundtracks; but has also navigated into the world of painting, photography and modeling.

His most famous films are Buffalo 66 (1998) with his iconic red boots matching with Christina Ricci, and The Brown Bunny (2003) where the highly controversial scene of the actress Chloë Sevigny performing a real blowjob took place; they were in a relationship at the time.

Another one of his art pieces is his website, which is an ode to himself “Vincent Gallo by Vincent Gallo”. You can take a tour through all his works and buy all kinds of extravagant items from art, photography, signed covers, used clothes… and you can even pay for his services as a male scort or for his own sperm.

Written by Adrián Lorca