#GARMENTS Converse, Margiela & deterioration

  • jack purcell converse x margiela history

There are many companies that have used the iconic silhouette of the Chuck Taylor as a canvas, however, Margiela is the first to develop the concept of use and deterioration. The Belgian designer has been characterized by his transgressive and revolutionary identity; but unlike his peers, he has always remained anonymous.

His discourse is away from fashion as we traditionally know it. Models and alternative places, unfinished garments, elements that break and even melt; are some of the concepts that characterize it.

Margiela took the classic Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell to develop the collaboration. What at first seems a simple and subtle white sneaker, will gradually become a unique product. Margiela wants us to bend and bend the foot, destroying our Converse while gradually the true identity of our footwear appears. A brilliant reflection on the passage of time and deterioration.

Written by @gionavarre .