#COLLECTIONS CP Company “Transformables and Inflables”

  • CP Company Transformables and Inflables

Moreno Ferrari was appointed as CP Company creative director in 1997, pursuing his ambition to innovate within the realms of function and use, following C.P. Company design philosophy.

In 2000 the “Transformables” line was released. This highly conceptual line consisted of dual-purpose pieces that could be ‘transformed’ almost instantaneously.

There are pieces like the Sleeping Bag Jacket, which can be transformed from a hoodie and a shoulder bag into a sleeping bag. A jacket that can be turned into a kite, a vest transformable into a shoulderpack and a translucent long cloak that also works as an igloo tent are also pieces from this collection. Moreover, every garment shared a hot-pressed reflective ‘000CP’ logo.

In 2001 Ferrari creates the “C.P. Company Inflatables” line with even more functional garments as the Air-Mattress Parka, which is an entirely weather resistant long coat design as well as a protective tent and air-mattress suitable for sleeping.  We also find a raincoat that turns into an inflatable armchair.

Written by @victorespadas