#ICONIC Interior Design & Dries Van Noten SS 19

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Dries Van Noten SS 19 had a very colorful palette with an inconic wave pattern that comes from one of the most influential furniture and interior designers of the 20th century, Verner Panton.

Panton was known for creating futuristic designs made with a wide variety of materials, but specially in plastic, using strong and bright colors. His most famous design is the ‚ÄúPanton Chair”.

Verner was one of the many members of the “Pop Art” movement throughout the 60s and 70s. He began designing interiors that were known for its radical and psychedelic aesthetic and its curved furniture.

For this collection Dries was given access to the entire Panton work file. If we look closely at the label of each piece, you can see the tribute that Dries makes to Verner, explaining who he was and giving info about the color and pattern from that particular piece.

Written by Gonzalo Cobos