#STYLINGONFILMS Martin Margiela & The Pillow Book 1996

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I was just about to see this Peter Greenaway movie and I was stunned when I saw that the Belgian designer Martin Margiela appeared in the credits as part of the costume design team.

Immediately after finishing the film, I dove into the network to investigate it but with no luck, finding little more than a small reference from the “Atlas of Emotion” 2002 book that talks about the director’s affinity for fashion in his movies. Gaultier had also participated in another one of his films, “The cook, the thief, his wife and his lover” 1989.

“The pillow book” tells the story of a woman who seeks to honor the memory of her father by continuing the tradition of writing her life story on her own skin. Here I leave some screenshots from the film since I could not find images online where we could see Martin’s footprint.

Written by Adrián Lorca