#STYLINGONFILMS Al Pacino in Serpico 1973

  • costume design serpico al pacino Ana Hill Johnston

This film was directed by Sidney Lumet and it’s based on a real life story about Frank Serpico aka Paco, a police officer that strongly believed in justice, who sees himself immersed in a fight against corruption within his own police department.

The main character is an atypical policeman and we can notice so by the way he dresses. The costumes are designed by Anna Hill Johnston, who is responsible for playing the real-life Frank, a bohemian character with strong beliefs influenced by the hippie and revolutionary movement.

Throughout the film we see Al Pacino’s countless changes of look; not only in clothes but also in haircut, type of beard and accesories. Undoubtedly, this movie is a benchmark in costume design and a great source of inspiration for movie lovers.

Written by Adrián Lorca