#STYLINGONSERIES Anime, Vivienne Westwood & The Sex Pistols

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There is an anime totally inspired by the punk aesthetic of the 70s that also pays tribute to our beloved Vivienne Westwood, in which we can notice many of the characters wearing different clothes from the brand.

Nana is a serie created by Ai Yazawa and tells the story of two girls who share the same name but have completely different personalities. They know each other fortuitously and finish living together.

Nanna Komatsu is innocent and childish while Nana Osaki is the rebellious singer of a punk band called the “Black Stones” which is totally inspired by the Sex Pistols, specially Ren Honjo, the living image of Sid Vicious.

Some of the VW elements that we can find in the serie are: the armor ring, the heart-shaped suit jacket or the ballerina shoes. The iconic orbit necklaces also appear in the anime and one of the characters uses this as a lighter that has been also released in real life.

Written by Adrián Lorca