#STYLEICONS James Dean is Forever

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We have one of the most important characters of the 50’s in terms of influence in style and fashion. This actor became a symbol of youth and anarchy that endured over time because of his death at the young age of 24.

When it came to dressing he had two sides, casual and more elegant, but with a common point between them, small rebel touches.

In the first one, the looks were made up of jeans, tight and tucked T-shirts and sport jackets that he rotated between red, cream and brown color palettes. He also wore biker jackets or fully unbuttoned short-sleeved shirts. For the shoes his first option were always Cowboy boots.

When it came to dressing more formally his star item was a long trench coat, that under it he combined suits and turtleneck sweaters or dress pants and classic polo shirts.

Written by Adrián Lorca