#COLLECTIONS The Drug culture inside Raf Simons FW 18

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The collection was called “Youth in motion” and was held in a Manhattan´s warehouse. Throughout the whole runway you could hear a song called “Radio” by an acid techno dj that was so popular in France in the 90’s called Emmanuel Top. On the floor of the warehouse you could see food and flowers starting to spoil or fade as a sign of death or passing away. This idea was taken from Flemish still life paintings.

The show itself was heavily influenced by the Christiane F. biographical drama film directed by Uli Edel alongside Cookie Mueller’s and Glenn O’Brien’s lost mid-1980s tragic-comic play called “Drugs”.

Many garments from his collection feature references to these two pieces of art. For example, some pants and hoodies feature patches in one of the two colors of the utilitarian design of the 2016 edition of “Drugs” with various drug names on them.

Other items feature pictures of Christiane and her love Detlef. There even are pieces that look like the ones worn in the movie. For example the coat that Christiane wore to the Sound club, or the knots on the backpacks that resemble the way that the two main characters tied their ascot near the end of the movie.  

In the end “Youth In Motion”s main goal isn’t neither to glorify or condone the cultures of drug usage and abuse. Simons wants this collection to bring to light the persistent, almost ubiquitous presence of narcotics (prescribed or otherwise) within our society and acknowledge our often conflicted relationships with them. 

Since this collection was all about drugs and abuse of them part of the sales of the collection were donated to orginazations that support those in recovery from addiction. The food from the presentation was donated to “City Harvest” foundation.

Written by @fuckyouastro

There is a youtube video that makes a very good insight about this collection made by @blissfoster and also the collection´s runway video. We let you Both down below.