#STYLEICONS Chloë Sevigny

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Since her role in the movie Kids (1995), Chloë has remained an eternal icon and source of inspiration for numerous brands and artists. Among her different talents, we find modeling, acting or designing.

It was her 90s Tomboy skateboard-inspired style that made her famous, participating in countless films, such as Gummo (1997), directed and written by his old partner, Harmony Korine, Boys Dont Cry (1999), American Pyscho (2000) or The Brown Bunny (2003).

Her role in fashion has been huge, having modeled for brands like Miu Miu, and also collaborated with countless magazines such as i-D, Purple or The Face. She has even designed her own capsule with The Opening Ceremony.

She has always been related to streetwear, collaborating with different brands like X-Girl, Supreme or Fucking Awesome. We recommend you a book published by Rizzoli, called Chloë Sevigny (2015), which takes a tour of her career through potos.

Written by Adrián Lorca