#ICONIC Dries Van Noten AW 14 Bomber jackets

  • Asap Rocky Dries Bomber Jacket zipper story

These iconic garments created by the Belgian designer, have positioned themselves as one of the most famous bomber jackets of all time. This is mostly due to the artist A$AP Rocky, who wore one in his famous video L$D, that already has more than 124 million of views on YouTube.

We are in front of a piece built in the purest technical style, with countless details that makes it delightful. The most iconic detail is the zipper that crosses the entire back from arm to arm. We also find pieces with tons of pockets, hanging straps or a crop-top fit. If all of this wasn’t enough, they also happen to be reversible.

Rocky has also dressed another jacket from this collection, specifically the green version one that he used for the interview in Big Boy TV radio show, in June 2015.

We let you down here some videos that recap all this story. The AW 14 runway, the A$ap Rocky L$D video and the interview with Big Boy TV wearing the green jacket.


Written by Adrián Lorca