#BRANDS Seditionaries graphics on t-shirts

  • Malcolm Mclaren Vivienne Westwood seditionaries t shirt Paul Krassner the realist

Sex Pistols´s manager Malcolm McLaren and his old lover Vivienne Westwood were the creators of all these pieces from a small shop at 430 King’s Road in London. This enclave has been the heart of the british punk movement, going through different names: Paradise Garage (1971), Let It Rock (1971), Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die (1972), SEX (1974), Seditionaries (1976-1980).

During the SEX period, the store went through numerous rows and suffered extortions attempts by police and the “Teddy boys” criminal band, so it had to close. The reopening and biggest boom was in 1976 with Seditionaries. Sid Vicious, was one of the workers who spent hours in the store and it was there where Johnny Rotten´s casting happened.

The clothes that we can see in this post are part of the most provocative and wild movement in history. Punk. Some of the designs were taken from the famous Disney drawing done by Paul Krassner for The Realist magazine where they took several parts and redesigned it with elements from the movement.

Written by Adrián Lorca