#COLLECTIONS Raf Simons SS 03 Consumed “Parachute Garments”

  • Raf Simons parachute bomber consumed SS 03

This is what Raf Simons’ show notes say about the Consumed collection: “Today’s living environment is about consuming as well as being consumed; some suggest this could lead to an apocalyptic end, while others, particularly younger generations, take this reality as their cue to create new, more viable and flexible personas”.

In this occasion, we bring a selection of the tactical pieces from this collection. In “Consumed” we find some military inspired garments with lots of hanging straps that give a bondage look and seems to be the parachute of a downed fighter pilot.

The parachute bomber is an iconic piece that you can find mostly in museums. It is said that there are only 40 units in the world. There is another version made of this jacket in nylon fabric that has never been released to the market.

These garments have been seen on celebrities like Travis Scott, who wore it during the 2015 BET Awards Ceremony or Big Sean in the video for his song -“Blessings”.

Written by @victorespadas