#COLLECTIONS Jean Paul Gaultier FW 95 Mad Max

  • gaultier cyber dots mad max FW 95 collection

Gaultier takes the imagery from Mad Max’s world: a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic aesthetic, showing strong and wild women with a powerful feminine beauty.

The collection consists in tight suits, leather pieces, elongated jackets that end up being skirts, padded dresses, sublimated lycra garments, cybernetic graphics and chest vests adorned with electronic circuits. Pieces with comic prints can be found in this collection too.

The makeup and accessories are inspired by the Amazonian women:  independent and with a warlike spirit, but with that desert and retrofuturist essence that characterizes the collection´s name. There are dread locks on hairstyles as well as accesories like feathers and jewels with runic patterns.

The cyber-dot garments are inspired by Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, considered the father of pop art.

As said by Gaultier, the collection is a mix between tradition and modernity, techno and tribal. A good example that serves as a support for this statemente is the last photo from this post: a knit jacket inspired by a painting from Michelangelo.

Written by Adrián Lorca