#GARMENTS Raf Simons AW 03 “Bauhaus” sweater

  • Raf Simons Bauhaus AW 03 black sweater

It is a piece from AW 03 “Closer” collection. In this case, he takes reference from the artistic movement Bauhaus, created in 1919 (Germany) by Walter Gropius. He revolutionized the world of design, architecture and art, as well as founding the first design school in history, and creating a world reference with its motto “form follows function”.

The graphic design stamped on the jersey, represents this movement and was created by Oskar Schelmmer in 1922. It is logical that Raf, as an industrial designer, has taken references from it and wanted to pay tribute.

Music is another of the great influences in Raf’s collections, as is art. The second reference we notice in this piece is from the goth rock group, Bauhaus. It is an emblematic band that also got this logo appropriated as an identity. The belgian designer takes the dark and monochromatic aesthetic that characterizes them.

In 2016 a scandal arises around this piece, for the plagiarism of it by the Mexican brand Cihuah.

Written by Adrián Lorca