#COLLECTIONS Raf Simons AW 05 the “Poltergeist capsule”

  • Raf simons AW 05 poltergeist parka

In this collection, Raf comes back into tailoring, but the pieces we are talking about were not included in the show, and all of them are focused on patchwork and graphic design.

They are all known as the “Poltergeist capsule” between collectors, and the imagery comes from the 1982 homonymous terror movie and the french horror film “Fascination” from 1979. Then we find different references about music, with lyrics from The Cure or tour dates.

Peter De Potter was the one in charge of the collection’s graphic designs, helping Raf with all the illustration process and creative work for this capsule. Peter, a well known artist as well as one of Raf’s closest friends, has made many collaborations with other artists and designers, such as the artwork for Kanye West’s album “The Life Of Pablo”.

He started working with Raf in 2001, and as he says -“My role in the team was to come up with examples and visual quotes from the more hidden layers of pop culture”-. I encourage you guys to look more into Peter´s creative work.

Written by @9urity