Mihara Yasuhiro´s crazy shoe designs

  • mihara yasuhiro melted converse

This Japanese designer started designing shoes in 1996 while studying art at the “Tama Art” University in Tokyo. This was the way he found to express his creative vision into a very common element in daily life, shoes.

His first collaboration was with Puma in 1999; at a time when brands only wanted to work with athletes and doing projects with unknown designers was simply unimaginable. His latest collaboration has been with the skate brand DC in 2018.

The “original sole” is his homonymous creation. This piece of work is released by his own line, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, where he pays tribute to classic models from brands such as Vans or Converse, adding touches of deconstruction and this particular melted sole, that you can see in the images above. These collections are produced in very limited quantities and without making too much noise, aiming not to become popular.

Yasuhiro works with digital 3D design, reproducing the models in clay after. This way he is able to recreate these complex shapes. In his own words, his style is “Sublime and ridiculous”, looking for the conflict between these two expressions.

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Another of his passions are toys, which he has been collecting since he was six years old. Here below you can find a small video where he talks abut this curious hobby.

Written by Adrián Lorca