#INSTAGRAM Stylish people. PART 2

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Nora Iris Svenson

This girl right here has the ultimate tomboy look. She wears men’s clothes better than most of them, mixing racing jackets full of logos with oversized blazers or classic jeans.

We can also assess a picture of Nora taken for a campaign for the swedish fashion brand Our Legacy. This photo shows how well she matches with the brand, noticing how both of them are on the same aesthetic wave.

What we love more about Nora is her ability to look fly only in a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It’s awesome!

You can follow her on @norasvenson



  • veneda anastasia instagram stylish people

Veneda Budny

We have been following this girl for years, as her look is an incredible source of inspiration for both men and women. She loves baggy fits and very simple pieces, playing with details like the shoes, showing her crazy sneaker and boots rotation.

She also rocks garments made out of such different materials as corduroy or leather. It is crazy to see her pull off brands like Pelle Pelle mixed with items like the Prada America’s Cup sneakers.

You can follow her on @venedaanastasia



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Kailee McKenzie

Our beloved Kailee and her post punk-bohemian style. What else can be said? What impresses us the most from her is how good she looks both in men’s and women’s pieces. She is really into military boots, covering them with oversized garments. The aesthetic she uses could be pretty similar to Ann Demeulemeester’s one, especially if we focus on the designs from the Belgian designer, paying attention to pieces like shirts, wide pants or how she makes use of techniques like layering.

The way she looks plus having her boyfriend by her side in most of her photos, makes us think about one of the most famous New York couples: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, who is also a big inspo for the mentioned Ann Demeulemeester. Everything is connected!

You can follow her on @kaileemckenzie or her yotube channel

Written by Adrián Lorca