#COLLECTIONS Helmut Lang FW 99 and its crazy color palette

  • Helmut Lang FW 1999 history review

For many, this is the best collection ever made by the Austrian designer and we can find his personality fully exposed in it. In this case, Helmut follows the same line as always, the minimalist tailoring, but this time it includes different technical elements that add a survival personality to the garments.

In his designs, we find inspiration from skydiving equipment, with inner straps for carrying the jackets, small arm case attachments, vests with chest pockets, as well as padded elements, straps and extra zippers.

The collection consists in pieces such as jumpsuits, leather total looks, pants and biker jackets, fur-lined coats, underwear such as tank tops, suits and dresses.

The color palette used is the classic black and white with added color notes, such as orange in different shades and oxides, metallic with materials that simulate NASA´s equipment or thermal insulators and olive green in honor of military equipment .

The most famous garment in the collection is the “Astronaut jacket” that has different color versions. The silver one has been re-edited in the FW 17 collection, and the white one has had great repercussion when was dressed by music artist Travis Scott in “Beibs in the trap” (2016) video.

Written by Adrián Lorca