#TRENDS local business advertising

  • Doner kebab advertising t shirt

In 2015, skate brand Call me 917, which is the second brand created by the skateboarder Alex Olson (first one was Bianca Chandon). Starts releasing t-shirts with designs inspired by local businesses advertising.

We can find pieces inspired by companies like car wash, pizzerias, security, massages, etc … Its brilliant the power to connect something so normal like local advertising  with a streetwear brand.

We are not pretty sure where this idea came from. It could have its origins on Doner Kebab advertising t-shirts which several brands have followed, as Bronze56k, Lazy Oaf, or Diesel´s collection inspired by the famous Gemuse Kebap in Berlin.

There are other brands that have launched products under this identity as “Off-White” or the Madrid / New York based brand @ponte.ai with its Palentino t shirt, that honors a traditional bar from Madrid.

Written by Adrián Lorca