#COLLECTIONS Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus Cuba SS 02 & 03

  • comme des garçons smoking girl 03 ian connor

The selected pieces from these two collections show a type of design focused on comics and paintings, representing an imagery inspired by the aesthetics of the daily cuban life.

From the SS 03 collection we have only selected the smoking girl shirt, which has gained a great value in the fashion aftermarket because Ian Connor, the famous stylist and fashion icon, has been seen wearing it. In addition, if we look closer at the woman’s face, we can appreciate the Comme Des Garçons logo included as a face tattoo.

What has impressed us the most about these collections, are the drawings featuring that unfinished look. You could even say that all the drawing work has been made by a kid but it is still very genuine. Also, it is true that we have been obsessed with this aesthetic since a long time ago because it is very similar to graffiti, which lead us to find similarities with the Australian brand Mambo or the drawings from Wilfred Limonious, the maximum representative of dancehall art.

Written by Adrián Lorca