#GARMENTS Carol Christian Poell drip sneakers

  • Carol christian poell black drip sneakers shoes

This design is made by the Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell, famous for his artisanal techniques and innovations while treating his products. He presents his collections in a unconventional way, not following the established system of showing collections by seasons. Also, there is a mysterious aura around him, since he has decided to remain unknown and hardly grants interviews.

The material used on this garment is leather and has been processed to show a used look. The same happens for every little detail added as it is the case of its frayed laces. However, the main feature is the drip effect, obtained by a bathing of the shoe in a rubbery material which gives the piece the aspect of having been submerged in oil.

As the shoe is bathed in liquid plastic rubber, the sole features some flabby stalactites made out of this plastic, which end up disappearing after been worn around five times. Some other brands have used this technique which is the example of Alyx in one of its recent collaborations with Vans.

In addition, the homonymous brand was born in 1995 and since then has had one the largest fan cult base in fashion’s history, with some famous followers like Karl Lagerfeld.

Written by Adrián Lorca