#GARMENTS Prada AW 16 Impossible True Love shirt


We are talking about a piece from Prada that has become a hit. Designed in collaboration with the multidisciplinary french artist Christophe Chemin, resident in Berlin. The imaginary for this shirt has been taken from a 1476 painting called “Morte del Sole, della Luna, e caduta delle stelle” by Critoforo de Predis. It shows Cleopatra, and a young Elvis Presley dressed as a soldier, kissing each other under a field of stars and red moons.

This piece is not a simple shirt, it is a work of art in itself, where each garment from the collection has a special tag that refers to the painting in which has been inspired. It is constructed in satin, with a fit box, and the typical cut of a bowling shirt. It came out in AW 16, in a short sleeve version, and a long sleeve one. Later, thanks to the great reception among the public, has enjoyed a reedition in FW 2018, with new colors and designs.

Countless personalities have chosen to include this piece in their personal collection. Among them, we find Matthew Henson (Asap Rocky stylist), Asap Rocky himself, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh or Tom Hughes among others.

Written by Adrián Lorca