#COLLECTIONS Raf Simons AW 03 “Closer“

  • Raf Simons AW 03 parka

This is one of the most valuable collections from the Belgian designer. He in collaboration with the graphic designer Peter Saville, launches a collection full of references from covers designed by the Manchester artist. 

The legendary bands referenced are Joy Division, a post punk band from Manchester, who were pioneers in this dark and melancholy sound, full of lyrics that appeal to loneliness and death.

After the suicide of the vocalist, Ian Curtis, New Order band was originated, which started to adapt their identity to a more electronic and melodic sound. If you are interested in this whole story, I recommend watching the movie “Control” about the life of Ian Curtis, and his group Joy Division.

Peter Saville has been a reference for Raf Simons from a young age. They started an artistic alliance in this first collection and has continued with others, like Raf Simon´s SS18, which reloads content with references to New Order and old remastered pieces from AW 03 collection. Also in the logo redesign for Calvin Klein.

Written by Adrián Lorca