#BRANDS Needles Sport butterfly logo tracksuit


It is a sporty sub-label from the Japanese company Needles, created by Keizo Shimizu. It is known by his famous tracksuits with the butterfly embroidery. He says that it was inspired by the tattoo seen on Steve McQueen´s chest in the film Papillon (1973). This make us remember some similar tattoos as the ones from Harry Styles and Playboi Carti.

This garment has been seen on many celebrities and got very famous between the style community. It is a simple and clean piece, fitting a bit loose, giving you the coziness that you can expect from a tracksuit.


The creative collective AWGE commanded by Asap Rocky, has launched a collab with the brand. The collection is formed by three contrasting colorways tracksuits and two standalone pairs of track pants. Each piece has the Needles butterfly logo as well as AWGE branding. The campaign has been styled by Mathew Henson and photographed by Dexter Navy.