#INSTAGRAM Stylish people. PART 1

  • tislohdan stylish people instagram

Tisloh Dan

This guy always rocks very clean outfits, playing with dark colors and adding small touches of white. He really says a lot with little, going hard with details as fine jewellery, messenger bags and simple sunglasses.

In our opinion, he is one of the best people we have seen mixing blue with other dark colors and get an exquisite composition.

You can follow him on @tislohdan and his brand @tislohdanboyi



  • emireseexton instagram stylish people


He keeps it really lowkey with his outfits. We could define his style as smart and classy but with some small trashy touches as beated Vans as well as some tech vibes, taking for example how he styles his beloved adidas Raf Simons Detroit sneakers.

You can follow him on @emireesexton



  • louieoblin stylish people instagram


Louie really likes to play with colors and compositions and he is really capable of making a perfect color palette by just adding small details.

Moreover, he is a big fan of playing with proportions and materials, as you can notice by looking at his outfits, which are incredibly well executed.

You can follow him on @louieoblin

Written by Adrián Lorca