#ICONIC The Bunny boots and its relation with Raf Simons

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In FW 14 collection in collaboration with the artist Sterling Ruby, Raf Simons brought these boots back. It is a military shoe that the models worn on the runway. Some of them were original vintage editions and others were inspired versions in collaboration with Adidas.

This boot was created by the American Army during the Korean War in the 50s, and were designed to resist temperatures as low as -65 °F. The nickname “Bunny” is because of the boot shape and the color that resembles the feet of a rabbit. There is also a black version, which is nicknamed “The Mickeys” or “Mouse”, that are made for higher temperatures being able to resist -20 °F with a thicker rubber, and also prepared for other types of terrain.

There are three technical details in this shoe: a vapor barrier with valves, insulated materials and a spacious toe-box that prevents pressure and sweat on the feet. They also feature printed use instructions over the boot.

In 2017 Adidas launched a version of the ozweego model inspired by this boots, in both the original colorways, white and black. These shoes also had the original military features with modified instruction details.

We let you down below a couple of videos; one is the FW 14 Raf Simons show where this shoe appeared and the other is fashion review about them.

Written by Adrián Lorca